Door Beam Light Set (2) S-line Logo

Door Beam Light Set (2) S-line Logo

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Audi Door Beam Lights (S-line Logo)

  • Designed and engineered to make a statement every time you begin or end a journey in your vehicle; Audi Beam lights are a must-have for all Audi enthusiasts

  • Replacing the factory puddle light's soft glow with a concentrated beam proudly displaying the S-Logo, Audi Beams announce your brand allegiance in a subtle yet impactful way

  • Almost all vehicles (see below) can equip Audi Beams on the front and rear doors. This set of two is enough to do both the front or the rear doors. Please purchase 2 sets if you wish to have Audi Beams on all four doors

  • Please note: For model year 2019 and newer A6, A7 and A8 vehicles, Audi Beam Lights are not to be used in the rear doors when Bang and Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System is equipped. Consult your dealer before purchasing